Incorporating another language into the daily rhythm allows students to be aware of the world around them. Each class has Spanish class once a week and Spanish works available in the classroom. The goal of the Spanish classes is to give the student the proper vocabulary and tools to become fluent in his future. Classes are meant to give awareness to the many cultures and traditions that come along with the romantic language.


Once a week, each class has a music class. Elizabeth Gibbs and Josh Carter are the music teachers. Students can expect to learn songs, how to read music, how to play instruments and earn a chance to move their bodies in music classes.

Josh Carter wrote, “The first music class introduced our young scholars to basic concepts that will help lay the groundwork for the rest of the year.  The Kinders helped me write a song.  The Acorns learned the major scale through piano and voice.  The Monarchs explored basic vocal harmonies.  The Coyotes all got their hands on a ukulele.”

Outdoor Education

Mr. Nick, Primary and Outdoor Education Educator, wrote, “This year, I am excited about facilitating Outdoor Education with all of the classes. From teaching the Kinders more physical control (controlling their bodies), creating a connection between nature and meditation with the Acorns, beginning fitness measurements with the Monarchs, and mastering fire building and plant identification with the Coyotes, I will be learning too. I love teaching because I love learning, and the children have been my kindest most insightful teachers yet. My first classes with the students have truly showed me what community can create in an educational environment. We have been reviewing expectations, and each class has responded eloquently in terms of respect for their teachers, peers, and environment.”


The visual arts program at Mountain Sun is designed to foster an environment where each students’ personal creativity is able to emerge. We provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of visual art historically, culturally, globally, and locally. Art is integrated across all disciplines as well as with the classroom thematic units and the 3 year cycle. An emphasis is placed on deepening an aesthetic appreciation and understanding of the natural world. Each student also has the opportunity to explore many different artistic mediums which allows for development of fine motor skills, craftsmanship, and pride in ones work, and creative expression.


Each class has yoga once a week. This practice gives the students a chance to move their bodies in a mindful way. Instructor Clare Desmelik has practiced yoga for 15 years. Yoga is a gross motor activity that teaches the child how to gain control over her body, mind and spirit.

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