Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC

All of the teachers extend an offer to parents to come to observe any classroom. Contact the teacher of the class you would like to observe to set up a time.

Otter Class: These young students are busy exploring their campus and classroom. The Otters enjoyed their first field trip last week. They had story time at the library and got a tour of the children’s section. They are learning about the 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, hearing, and taste. They had a “Mystery Snack” game where the children were blindfolded and then had to guess the food by tasting it.

Owl Class: The Owls are busy learning routines, boundaries, and how to be in a community. The transitions have been smooth as elders help show the way. They have had storytime with Ms. Victoria, Spanish with Ms. Clare, and music with Ms. Liz. The Owls look forward to their upcoming trip to the Transylvania Library.
Kinders: In Literature Circle, the kindergarten students are hearing the book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. They are settling into longer school days and enjoying art with Ms. Kim and music with Mr. Josh. They are stepping up as leaders in their classrooms.

Acorn Class: The lower elementary class is finding its space quite pleasant. The children are working well with projects and new lessons. The transition has been smooth, and the class is enjoying the flow of the day and the wide array of classmates. They are excited to begin work on the study of vowels, spelling, and reading skills. They used a long black rope to visualize the timeline of the universe from the Big Bang to the emergence of life.

Monarch Class: The upper elementary students have already enjoyed a full day of hiking along Bracken Mountain. They are practicing awareness of the natural world, using a naturalist journal to record information, images, and thoughts. They are raising Monarch caterpillars again this year and have been excited to check on them each morning as they grow so fast. The Monarchs will be going to Big Bald mid-September
then heading to Buffalo Cove next month.

Coyote Class: The middle school left on their first backpacking adventure on the 2nd day of school. They succeeded in hiking along the Foothills Trail 8 miles to a campsite, then hiking back out the next morning. They are gearing up for a big year of Renaissance, subatomic particles, and complex math. Their next trip (paddling) will be at the end of September, where the Coyotes will continue their study of the work of water.