Mountain Sun believes that the freedom to create art and express ourselves is a vital part of what makes us fully human. Our school nurtures creative self-expression and individuality through regular dedicated art and music classes and access to creative materials throughout the classrooms. We encourage each child to experiment with a variety of artistic media and draw connections between art and the world.


Creative expression of identity is fundamental to a child’s development. Daily opportunities are provided for children to cultivate creative expression and integrate such expression into the learning of traditional academic material. Often, our art lessons incorporate the natural world through representation, abstraction, or the use of natural materials.


Mountain Sun encourages students to enjoy creating a variety of objects. Children may receive lessons in pottery, knitting, crochet, embroidery, felting, and carving. Indoors and out, children learn to take pleasure in the work of their hands.


Through lessons and frequent group singing, Mountain Sun students learn to appreciate the joys of creating music. In the younger grades, children learn the fundamentals of rhythm and melody. Older children are introduced to the basics of music theory, harmony, and learning to play an instrument.

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