January 2019 Classroom Updates

Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC

The Owls and Otters are moving into their studies of Asia. The teachers have decided that both classes will first study China and then move on to Thailand. This week they will have a guest speaker, Kert Peterson, who will speak to the classes about Taekwondo. Both classes are finding the bank game (using beads to multiply and understand large numbers) to be a favorite work. The Owls are now enjoying practical life works including soap grating and silver polishing. The students have been coloring the Chinese flag. The Otters have been enjoying tea pouring and creating their own “passports.” They will receive a stamp for the studies of China and then another for Thailand. They have China dolls and other Chinese items to enjoy. They recently obtained 2 guinea pigs for class pets. The Otters welcome new student Roan Vann!

The Acorns are moving into their Astronomy studies with the context of what they learned earlier about the origins of the universe. They are incorporating their studies of ancient cultures and how they understood the origins of it all. Literature Circle is focusing on the myths and legends of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China, Rome, and Greece. They are taking a trip to PARI, the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute. The students are finishing up the Read to Feed program, where they get sponsors to donate to Heifer International based on how much the students read. They are continuing to meet with their Reading Buddies from TVS.

The Monarchs are also beginning their astronomy studies with a visit to PARI. The students will each research a topic and will create a piece of art to display in their Astronomical Art Museum. They are continuing work on their Service Learning Projects, completing their set number of volunteering hours, and starting to plan their TED-talk style presentations. They are beginning their persuasive essays. The students recently hiked 5.5 miles into Bracken Preserve and had time to set their intentions for the New Year. The Monarchs welcomed a new student this month, Izzie Johnson.

The Coyotes continue to learn about and discuss current events, recently covering climate change. The students have each chosen a local nonprofit agency and are completing 30 hours of community service. The students are working at Free Rein, Bread of Life, the Sharing House, and more. The Coyotes have begun their studies of world religions, which will include a formal research paper in MLA style, class discussions, and tours of religious centers. They are preparing for their New York trip to further their studies of multiculturalism, the movement of people, and world religions.

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