February 2018 Classroom Updates

Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC

The Otters have had several parent guests come to share books and other talents this month. They enjoyed a trip to the local library for story time and a chance to practice their grace and courtesy out in the community. They also painted and decorated shoe boxes to hold their Valentines made for each other by classmates. When the weather was sub-freezing, the Otters took advantage of the opportunity to make ice ornaments. The author of the month is Laura Numeroff, author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Pig a Pancake. The artist is Van Gogh.

The Owls also decorated “baskets” to contain their handmade Valentines. They are looking forward to a trip to Care Partners to share an art project and songs with the clients there on Feb 13. They are very happy to have Mr. Nick back at school after the birth of his son, Oscar. The Owls have been learning about artists Pieter Brueghel and Paul Klee, and “Peace Makers” from around the world such as Pete Seeger, John Lennon, and Mother Theresa. They are also continuing with their study of the skeleton and digestive system. Ask your favorite Owl to tell you a bit about your phalanges.

The Acorns are finishing their studies of body systems with many “hands-on demonstrations”. They began their study of Simple Machines with a field trip to The Children’s Museum of the Upstate. They are discovering the concept of force. The literature circle book is James and the Giant Peach. They are learning about biographies and plot, and continue to enjoy their Reading Buddies from TVS.

The Monarch class recently put their studies of Simple Machines and Technologies in action by using a Z-drag, a combination of lines and pulleys, to distribute enough force to pull a vehicle. It took 3 students to make it move. They are now beginning their studies in Biology including the Five Kingdoms of Life. This month they will learn about the systems of the Human Body and how to care for their bodies through nutrition, wellness, and healthy relationships. They are also observing Black History month by studying influential Peace-makers from African American history.

The Coyote class is busy planning for their DC trip at the end of the month with students participating in all aspects of planning. The Coyotes have completed their individual studies and presentations on body systems, and they will soon begin applying that knowledge by forming “medical teams.” They will diagnose a patient’s unidentified problem based on which body system is affected and recommend ways to treat their patients.

In Yoga, students are practicing mindfulness, slowing down, noticing their bodies, and connecting breath with movement. In Music, the students are learning about musical notation and various instruments. In Spanish, the students are expanding their vocabularies with a focus on holidays, greetings, salutations, kind words, numbers, colors, seasons, and calendar words. They are beginning to integrate body part vocabulary. In Outdoor Education, the Monarchs and Coyotes are doing the Super Duper 15’s (15 Push ups, 15 Squats, 15 Sit-ups/Crunches, then 14 repetitions, then 13 repetitions, and so on.) The students report feeling “awesome” about how strong they are getting. In Art, all classes are working on Square 1 Art multi media drawings.

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