Classroom Updates

By Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC

The Otter class is enjoying new homemade play dough and dyed pasta, seashells, and caterpillars for metamorphosis viewing. They are working diligently on their grace and courtesy and respect for self and others. They have been working with tracing paper that they use to create pictures of images from books. They are studying the artist Jackson Pollack and practicing “slinging” paint to create artwork similar to Pollack’s style of art. They also enjoyed a field trip to the Transylvania County library.

The Owls are soaking up the sights and sounds of autumn. Walks on campus include stepping on leaves and listening to the crunch and crispness. They have also been learning about the Pioneer days by looking at pictures of life during those times and considering what the people had to do to provide their Fundamental Needs: water, food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual. They recently visited Care Partners (Adult Day Care Center) and shared songs and a craft project with the Elders. The Kinders are reading The Tale of Despereaux, by Kate Dicamillo.

The Acorns are finishing their Native American projects and presentations. Each child will have the opportunity to read his/her paper as well as speak about the research as an “expert” of that tribe. They are beginning studies of the human body, starting with the cell as a base for all of our systems. The students visited the Nature Center to bridge the study of fundamental needs with human, animal, and plant body needs. They enjoyed prepping and creating the Friendship Stew, which they shared with the whole student body at the Thanksgiving celebration.

The Monarchs completed their tour of historic homes with a visit to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial. Each student has chosen a US history topic to study in-depth. They are finishing their notes and beginning first drafts of the reports. They will each complete a written report, visual project, and presentation on their topic. For teacher/parent/student conferences, each student prepared a written self-evaluation. The students participated in 2 bake sales and raised money to buy gifts for “Santa’s Closet” at the Sharing House.

The Coyotes held a Coyote version of the Constitutional Convention. The students spent several weeks reading through the constitution and translating it into their own words. They then held the convention, which consisted of a reading of the constitution and what was described as “a healthy mix of education, political discourse, and silly wigs.” All of the MSCS classes have been working with the Feelings Wheel to learn to identify basic emotions. The Coyotes are working identifying more complex emotions such as dismay, fragility, and cheekiness!

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