Back to School Excitements!

You wake up, jump out of bed with more energy than most mornings, eat a hearty breakfast and put on the outfit you have had picked out for weeks. Your backpack is packed with fresh pencils and glossy folders; you are officially ready for your first day back to school.

The excitement of meeting your teacher and exploring your new classroom is invigorating. You see old friends and make new ones while thinking about all the new projects you’ll do and places you will see.

Most school years come with a list of intentions you plan on manifesting throughout the year, like doing your projects days in advance and eating a healthy breakfast. All these new, healthy changes are exciting and promise a year to remember.

Here are a few things we are excited for at Mountain Sun Community School:

Ms. Kayla, Communications Coordinator, is excited to spread imagination and creation throughout the community!

Mr. Daniel, lead Middle School (Coyotes) teacher, is excited to watch the Coyotes channel their enthusiasm for life into a passion for writing, exploring, and busting through their personal challenges.

Ms. Morgan, Primary Class (Otters) Assistant Teacher, is excited that the entire year waits in front of us. There are infinite possibilities, inevitable moments of surprise and fun, and so very much growth and learning, waiting just under the surface for us to unearth, and discover, and celebrate.

Ms. Victoria, Librarian and Class Assistant, is excited to share the new book donations! She is also excited about the amount of parent resources we have accumulated, such as books on Montessori in the home, emotional hardships and ways to teach healthy habits!

Ms. Annie, Lead Primary (Otters) Teacher, is very excited to be back in our village of eager students, supportive families, and dedicated teachers and staff.  The support and love feels like going home.

Ms. Janna, Lower Elementary (Acorns) Assistant Teacher, loves seeing our Acorns come in from the summer break with a fresh passion for exploration and discovery in the classroom.

Ms. Brigid, Lower Elementary (Acorns) Lead Teacher, is excited to watch the Acorns so eagerly jump into our community and put together plans to ensure belonging is so heartening!

Mr. Nick, Primary Class (Owls) Assistant Teacher and Middle School Assistant Teacher, truly enjoys seeing how the Owls explore all of the materials and new friendships which often offers insight into how they explore the world around them.

Ms. Tina,  Primary Class (Owls) Lead Teacher, is most excited about watching the growth of the children over the course of this school year. There is often a bit of nervousness and uncertainty with the children at the beginning of the year that is such a contrast to the confidence that is seen by the end.

Ms. Kim, Art, Outdoor Education, and Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher, loves to see the Monarch’s excitement to be back together in the classroom. Their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning is inspiring.

Ms. Becky, Upper Elementary Teacher and Curriculum Advisor, loves the Monarchs’ eagerness to come together in the spirit of community and hike right in to the natural world as we head into Bracken Preserve and Big Bald.


Comment below with all of your excitements for the school year!

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