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5 Montessori Areas to Have at Home

Montessori schools encourage, scaffold, and celebrate children’s independence and believe it is an integral part of preparing the child for success in life. Dr. Montessori believed that education should be an aid to life. She believed that the child’s early functional independence in caring for oneself and one’s school and familial environment builds the foundation […]

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Dealing With Conflict in 2020

With many generations of attorneys, therapists, and challenging educators in my own family, it would seem that the complex joy of navigating conflict in one way or another has influenced many of our professions, myself included. (I guess we just love to argue!) I appreciate conflict because I have seen in my family how conflict […]

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The Elders Teaching the Youngers

My plan was ingenious. We’ve had Dolly, our mixed-breed collie-ish dog, as part of our family for about five years. She is, objectively speaking, what one would call a good girl. She stays on the porch, piddles outside, doesn’t bother our chickens, and can speak on command. Over the years, Dolly did so well, in […]

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Let’s Learn Outside

A thoughtful outdoor component is something that I seriously seek for my child’s education. Like many parents, I want my child to grow up with all of the tools he will need to navigate the ever-changing world, both as a self-sufficient person and as someone who values connection with others. And in the midst of […]


Emotional Intelligence 101: Belong

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a big topic. I am just initially and gracefully entering this field of study, which makes me think of myself as taking a swan dive into the giant pool of EI.  As I will only be talking about the portion I know about, let’s start with the definition I use: Emotional […]


Welcome New Staff Members!

Mountain Sun Community School welcomed four new staff members at the start of the 2020-2021 school year: Anne Nicoletti as Primary Lead Teacher and Kindergarten Teacher, Anna Heard as Primary Assistant Teacher, Sara Schmidt as Communications Coordinator, and Caroline Safford as All School Assistant.  Nicoletti brings nearly two decades of Montessori experience with her to […]

Let’s Change

Michael Brown, Ph.D. | Brevard, NC We are a school for peace. This is central to our mission, our educational philosophy, our culture, and our practice. It is infused into all aspects of our curriculum and our relationships. And because of our commitment to peace, we must acknowledge that peace and justice are not evenly […]

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Nurturing the Spirit of our Children

MacKenzie Henry | Brevard, NC “If education recognizes the intrinsic value of the child’s personality and provides an environment suited to spiritual growth, we have the revelation of an entirely new child, whose astonishing characteristics can eventually contribute to the betterment of the world.” Dr. Maria Montessori Montessori education is often characterized by what is […]


December 2019 Class Updates

Daniel Sprinkle | Brevard, NC The Owls and Otters are wrapping up their studies of Africa as we head into the holiday break. Days are spent hard at work, exploring works in more complex ways and paying attention to the seasonal changes happening around us. As the holidays approach, the Owls and Otter classes (as […]