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All The Tiny Furniture

It’s hard not to feel inspired walking into a Montessori classroom. They are, by nature, inviting and beautiful. Children move through the classroom with ease, choosing works from shelves, caring for their environment and working independently and with great focus. It’s natural to want  to recreate this same feeling at home, but can also feel […]

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Let’s Grow Yoga

Our breath, our best friend, always with us, our life force.  Take a minute to notice the fluidity and subtlety of your breath right now, before reading any further.   Inhale a new, sweet breath of fresh air. Let it fill your whole body and let it feel cleansing, like a spring breeze reaching every corner […]

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An Acorn Philosophy

For me, one of the greatest parts of being a teacher at Mountain Sun Community School is that we are able to educate organically. The word “organically” has perhaps been reinvented many times, but in my opinion, it is the best way to describe how we teach the children in the Acorn class: we start […]

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Teaching & Storytelling

“Everyone has imagination: it is something great which reflects the light and asks for expansion.” Maria Montessori Planning time. Any teacher likely will say that she spends a lot of time planning, planning individual lessons as well as group lessons. Quite often in the Montessori Primary and Kindergarten class, planning any lesson or activity also […]


5 Montessori Areas to Have at Home

Montessori schools encourage, scaffold, and celebrate children’s independence and believe it is an integral part of preparing the child for success in life. Dr. Montessori believed that education should be an aid to life. She believed that the child’s early functional independence in caring for oneself and one’s school and familial environment builds the foundation […]

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Dealing With Conflict in 2020

With many generations of attorneys, therapists, and challenging educators in my own family, it would seem that the complex joy of navigating conflict in one way or another has influenced many of our professions, myself included. (I guess we just love to argue!) I appreciate conflict because I have seen in my family how conflict […]