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Montessori Language Work

Janna Carlson | Brevard, NC Nouns and Verbs and Adjectives oh my! Here we go on an adventure of discovery. This may be a difficult and tiresome journey at times but the path is paved in growth and learning. Our path is made clearer by the foundation created by Dr. Maria Montessori. On this foundation, […]


The Montessori Philosophy: Cultivating Peaceful Independence

By Michael Brown, Ph.D. | Brevard, NC “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” Dr. Maria Montessori.  More than a century ago, Dr. Maria Montessori pioneered a method of education rooted in the observation that each child is […]


Multilingual Education

Clare Desmelik | Brevard, NC Part of Mountain Sun Community School’s mission is to cultivate a love of learning through a challenging academic curriculum grounded in mutual respect and a sense of belonging.  Our students, all of us actually, are citizens of the world. So, naturally, challenging our students with language learning fits into our […]

Let’s Go Out and Play Together!

McNeill Mann | Brevard, NC Join the Natural Play Project at an upcoming Natural Playdate! Playdates are free, facilitated, natural play experiences for children 3-5 years old with their parent/caregiver. They take place outside and include fun, developmentally appropriate educational activities, and time for natural free play. Each Playdate will be a little different with […]


September 2019 Class Updates

Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC Many of the early days in the Owl and Otter classes are about getting those school routines down pat. Consistent repetition of routine has allowed the classes to have their first full morning work periods, staying busy all the way up to 11:00 on some days! Grace and courtesy is […]

Mountain Sun Works with Ellie Elzerman to Develop Curriculum

By Kayla C. Leed | Brevard, NC Mountain Sun Community School, located at the Brevard Music Center, has offered the children of this community an independent, inspired education for over a decade. For children ages 3 through middle school, Mountain Sun combines Montessori education with outdoor exploration, artistic creativity, and community engagement. Over the past […]


May 2019 Classroom Updates

Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC Congratulations Morgan, Daniel, & Ben Sprinkle on the adoption of their new son & brother, Boone! They are headed off to Thailand to pick him up and bring him home. He will be a student at MSCS next year, and we are all excited to meet him! The Owls and Otters have been spending […]

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What is Natural Play?

McNeill Mann | Brevard, NC “If you’ve ever climbed trees, rolled down hills, scrambled up rocks, made mud pies, dammed up water, hidden in grass, dug in sand, played in dirt, jumped in leaves, or had fun outside in other, similar ways, you’ve experienced natural play.” Ron King, Natural Playgrounds Company Natural play can take […]

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Connecting the Class to the Stars

Janna Carlson | Brevard, NC This will be a walk through the wild and wonderful world of the Acorn classroom. We start on a Monday morning, it is cold so you are wearing your extra layers; a coat, mittens, that wool hat with a big ball on the top and last but not least a […]