February 2019 Class Updates

Jennifer Stewart | Brevard, NC 

The Owls and Otters are really enjoying their studies of China. They are fascinated by Chinese letter characters, languages, stories, and customs. Last week they celebrated the Chinese New Year by dressing in traditional colors of red and yellow and inviting parents to come and enjoy tea and snacks followed by a parade with dragons and drums. The Kinders have shared their research into the Chinese Zodiac, and all students are learning about Chinese plants and animals. The Kinders hosted parents for a puppet show demonstrating some of what they are learning.

The Acorns are practicing their consensus decision-making skills. As a group, they all came together to decide which animals to give through the Read to Feed program with Heifer International. The children each gave their suggestions and then worked together through debate and compromise to come to a group consensus. They continue to study Astronomy and are researching individual topics. Volunteer and alumna, Hannah Fox, is teaching crochet and knitting. The students are creating a terrarium. They are reading The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong in Literature Circle.

The Monarchs are very busy. They are planning their volunteer hours for Service Learning Projects. The are completing final drafts of their persuasive essays and will then give a TED-talk style presentation. The 6th grade book club is working on their Book Summaries and Critiques. The class held their Astronomical Art Museum open house, displaying art pieces representing their research on astronomy topics. They had a great trip to the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute learning about meteorites and moon rocks. The students had previously researched constellations, and were able to identify “their” constellation in the planetarium. They also embroidered their constellation, which Ms. Victoria sewed together as a quilt. Susan Daily has begun the Healthy Relationships program with the students. This will continue for the next few months as the class discusses topics relating to relationships, group dynamics, body development, and more.

The Coyotes hosted the annual Chili Cook-off last week to benefit El Centro, a local organization that serves local Hispanic families. The students are working towards their 30 volunteer hours at local non-profits. They are finishing up their individual research into world religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Cherokee Spirituality, Islam, Hinduism, Animism, and Buddhism. The students were able to go to Asheville to visit the Beth Isreal Synagogue, the Islamic Center of Asheville, and the Urban Dharma Center. Daniel says their research has brought out many interesting discussions and more awareness. The Coyotes will also participate in Susan Daily’s program, Healthy Relationships. Their program will add topics that are appropriate for middle school age students including technology, consent, and personal safety.

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