2019 Faces of Freedom

Kim Skeen | Brevard, NC

The Faces of Freedom Art show is currently on display at the Transylvania Community Arts Council. This is the fifth year of the Art show and it is Mountain Sun Community School’s 5th year participating. The Faces of Freedom Art show was created by former MSCS parent Nicola Karesh. Nicola was inspired to create this community event in 2013 because she was concerned about events taking place around the country, especially those that targeted people of color, minority groups and people from other cultures. She wondered how people were feeling, what they were experiencing and did they even feel free in their own country. Nicola wanted to provide a platform and a space for artists (young and old, professionals and amateurs) along with community members to give voice to their personal experience. Nicola has curated and organized the event ever since and always invites Mountain Sun students to participate. We are honored to be part of such an inspiring and important community event.

Each MSCS student k-8 has an art piece in this year’s Faces of Freedom. The theme this year was “I have a dream…”. The Kinders and Acorns read and discussed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and came up with one word that describes how the speech made them feel. Each Kinder then created a painting on canvas highlighting their word. The Acorns created a watercolor background and made peace doves that were glued to their background. We talked about how the dove is a symbol of peace.

The Monarchs were each given a section of the I have a Dream speech and asked to illustrate that part of the speech. Each of these art pieces is very unique and each student worked so hard on their idea and implementation. The Coyote Class worked on self-portraits. These portraits represent the future “Faces of Freedom”. Each Coyote student also created their own I Have A Dream “speech” for the next 50 years.

This year MSCS parent Shannon Rood lead the theater students in creating and performing an inspiring and moving play about the history of the Brevard Tannery. It was performed during the Faces of Freedom reception.


The art show will continue to be on display through Thursday, January 31st. If you have not had a chance to check it out please do so this week. Our students look forward to participating in this art show every year and it is so fun for them to see their artwork on display in a gallery! In addition to the Mountain Sun student artwork, the show displays artwork from many talented artists in our community.

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